Forever Young: La Biosthétique Launches Anti-Aging Products for Hair

Growing problem: Stress, hormonal factors and age are causing the hair to do the opposite. The new addition from La Biosthétique is intended to help.
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If one thinks of anti-aging, the classic anti-wrinkle cream comes mind first - décolleté and body are also being diligently cared for... Only the hair is often ignored. People usually just react as soon as the first problems, such as thinning hair and hair loss appear. This is often due to stress-related or hormonal factors, certain medications or the natural aging process. As a result, the productivity of the stem cells of the hair follicle decreases and the performance of the hair root can also be restricted, for example, by sugars that are deposited. The French beauty brand La Biosthétique has added two premium products to its Dermosthétique Anti-Chute line launched in 2015: Thérapie Anti-Chute Premiumcel and Elixir Anti-Chute Premiumcel are now available in the brand's salons and online shop. The application is very simple: As a start, the therapy, which consists of a total of 10 highly concentrated ampoules, should be applied daily. Following the treatment, the Elixir is ideally applied several times a week after shampooing. Two differentiated mechanisms of action actively combat hereditary, hormonal, temporary and diffuse hair loss. The stem cells, which are important for hair growth, are comprehensively protected and reactivated. These sugar substances are broken down and the melanin production is also increased. The result: less hair loss, longer preservation of the natural hair colour and more hair fullness.

This not only sounds good, but has also been scientifically proven: After three months of daily use, the result is clearly measurable - a plus of 9% in new hair and a minus of 17% in falling out hair, the company says on there websites. A quite respectable result and by the way also for younger semesters a worthwhile investment for the future.


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