Facial Toner: The Perfect Addition to your Beauty Routine

Facial toners, also known as facial tonics, are care products used after cleansing the face. These products are a good way to remove excess oils, skin impurities, dirt and oil from the face and prepare it for the skin care routine.
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This means that a facial toner can completely remove the remaining dirt particles and environmental impacts left on the skin. In addition, the right toners can rebalance the skin's pH value or reduce pigmentation spots and redness. There is a toner for every skin type or need.

Micellar waters and facial toners are different products: Micellar water is primarily used to cleanse the face, whereas a toner is only used after the skin has been cleansed. Thus, a facial toner optimally prepares the skin for subsequent care and enables better and faster absorption of the caring ingredients.

The Advantages of a Facial Toner

The best thing about toner is that you can include it in your beauty routine without much effort because you simply use it before skincare. With the help of a cotton pad, you pick up the liquid and wipe it over the desired areas - it couldn't be easier.

- Removes residual dirt particles and debris

- Provides a radiant complexion

- Refreshes the skin after cleansing

- Balances the pH level

- Removes dead skin cells

- Reduces redness and pigmentation spots

- Can lead to fewer impurities in combination with the appropriate products

- Optimally prepares the skin for the skincare routine

How To use a Toner Correctly?

You can use a toner twice a day. In the morning before your day care and in the evening before your night care.

1. Cleanse face as usual with a cleansing product. If an exfoliant product is to be used, be sure to use it before the toner.

2. Pour toner onto a cotton pad and gently spread over face, neck and décolleté. We recommend reusable cotton pads, as it is more sustainable in the long run.

3. Do not wash off toner afterwards!

4. Use the appropriate care depending on the time of day. In the morning, you can apply a serum and then day care with sun protection factor and in the evening rich night care.

Which Toner suits my Skin Type?

Normal skin: Normal skin needs a refreshing, alcohol-free facial toner that gently cleanses the skin without any additives.

Combination skin: A balancing face tonic with rose water is the best choice here. You can also combine two different products, e.g. a degreasing tonic for oily skin areas and a moisturizing one for dry areas.

Dry skin: For dry skin, you should always choose a tonic that is alcohol-free so that the skin does not dry out further. Face tonics with nourishing oils are suitable.

Sensitive skin: If you tend to have sensitive skin, you should avoid artificial fragrances and dyes, alcohol and silicones. Mild toners with active ingredients from chamomile work particularly well.

Blemished skin: If you have blemished skin, you should use an antibacterial tonic that prevents blemishes. Products with clarifying and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as tea tree oil, salicylic acid or rose water regulate sebum production and refine pores.

Oily skin: Mattifying and degreasing toners close the pores, mattify and help your make-up last longer, for example. Witch hazel, lemon extract or a light alcohol content can regulate oily skin.

Mature skin: with age, the skin barrier becomes weaker, so mature skin needs intensive care. The choice should be a toner with hyaluronic acid, green tea, acerola extract or magnesium extract.

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