8 exceptional fragrances to be appropriated without scruples

Exceptional, exclusive, even essential juices. Intoxicating compositions, precious jewel cases, wakefulness of wakes to be offered at least once in one's life.
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In 1932, Mademoiselle Chanel rained diamonds stars on Paris. A date, a fragrance, oh so delicate and assumed at the same time, deliciously chic and sensual whose muse is jasmine beautifully faceted by extracts of iris and vetiver musks.


1932, the Chanel Exclusives, around 2,700 DH per 200 ml

A great floral classic and a mythical flower with innocent air refusing any competition. For Serge Lutens, the seduction that the tuberose causes in many is almost dangerous. We love it, we fear it. The confusion is exhilarating.


Criminal Tuberculosis, Exclusive Collection of the Royal Palace Serge Lutens, about 1500 DH 75 ml.

A rare and luxurious essence inspired by the beauty of nature where the gardenia, opulent and warm inebriates the senses. A small hint of freshness is outlined and then quickly disappears to give way to the flower in majesty, in all its tantalizing glory.


Gardenia Petal, Collection Extraordinary Van Cleef & Arpels, about 1500 DH 75 ml.

The drunkenness of an Asian flower, the osmanthus, whose absolute has a fruity trail, sweet and honeyed. Combined with a sparkling and juicy blend of orange and tangerine, tea and vanilla, it brings us back to the land of China, with this refined, exquisite accord.


Osmanthe Yunnan, Hermessence Hermes Collection, about 2,000 DH 100 ml, it is adorned with a leather case for about 4,600 DH.

Inspired by the mysteries of the Orient, a fragrance built around a leather accord softened by notes of patchouli. Full of sparkling saffron and softened by the candied sweetness of dried fruits, this skin-deep accord leaves an unforgettable impression.


Noble Leather, Yves Saint Laurent Oriental Collection, about 2,000 DH 80 ml.

An essence that tells Grasse in its own way. Cool and luminous, Caligna subtly describes a woody atmosphere where between the pines, figs and oaks would grow sage, tufts of lentisk and jasmine and where finely tuned tonka beans would be gathered.


Caligna, Collection De Grasse L'Artisan Parfumeur, about 1 400 DH per 100 ml.

First hour of the year, first hour of the day, first of life. A country walk, where each component is symbol. The sunny little grain, the light and blue iris, the powdery and cloudy sandalwood. Pure happiness, intense and innocent, volatile like the breeze.


The Promise I Hour, Collection The Cartier Perfume Hours, about 2,800 DH 75 ml.

An intimate wake, sensitive and striking like a trace of lipstick. Its heart reveals itself on a fruity note of raspberry, while the bottom cradled by vanilla, powder with heliotropine and violet. An invitation to rare and absolute luxury in a case of infinite elegance.


Rossetto N ° 14, Prada Exclusive Essence Collection, approximately 1800 DH 30 ml.

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