CHANEL: Optical Eyewear with the Essence of Coco Chanel

Mademoiselle Chanel was herself an eyewear wearer - a logical step for the Maison to also establish itself in this area with unique, timelessly iconic models.
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It's an online optical eyewear boutique that Chanel conceived and now presents. Stylish frames infused with Chanel's iconic elements, understated and trés chic - fans of the Maison are spoilt for choice these days. And not without reason. In a wide variety of materials, there's something for every personal style. It may also serves at the current "Dark Academia Aesthetic" trend, which is forming a sub-trend on social media.

But it is more than "just" a collection: Chanel does not leave out the famous tweed material for which the brand has become so famous. The motif has been implemented with the latest technology. A "metallic interpretation" has been applied to frames, adding to the Chanel factor in the eyewear collection.

For the right "fit", Chanel takes its cue from the developments of the Corona pandemic. The interest in coming or going to a store but shopping from the sofa has increased. And Chanel is countering this development with virtual reality and technology. 300 models can be put on via the laptop webcam, and once you have decided on a model, opticians are recommended who can make the adjustments. 

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