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The secret meaning of precious stones

Precious stones are not only protagonists of crazy jewels, but hide a fascinating and mysterious story: their meaning in symbolism
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Diamond, meaning and symbology

If Plato, since antiquity, evoked the image of an axis of the world formed by a multitude of diamonds , a motive must be there. The most desired stone in the world is a symbol of purity and union and represents eternal love. In fact, it is also called the stone of reconciliation : according to legend, wearing it would give strength and consolidate a commitment.

Emerald, meaning and symbology

Precious, the s meraldo represents strength, cosmic vitality, harmony. The myth wants him tied to Venus, goddess of love, and it is said that the first emerald mine was discovered in ancient Egypt: Cleopatra believed that it was the only stone to be worthy of its beauty. And if Nero observed the gladiators through an emerald, in ancient times it was believed that it was a useful tool to predict the future. It would strengthen the nerves and reduce irritation: but does the emerald bring bad luck? According to the legend , only if to wear it is a hypocritical person: this stone would not tolerate it.

Ruby, meaning and symbolism

Symbol of power and courage, but also of passionate love, it seems that the first rubies were discovered in India: very few Indians had the courage to sell it, as considered a sacred stone. Used by the nobility, the courageous but cruel Cesare Borgia wore one on his finger, called, in fact, the fire of the Borgias. In fact, in ancient times it was believed that the ruby ​​had supernatural powers and that wearing it guaranteed victory, love and happiness.

Sapphire, meaning and symbology

Symbol of chastity , happiness and peace, the sapphire is considered the most spiritual stone of all. Its meaning, in fact, is the celestial beatitude, so much so that according to the Bible the celestial throne would be just this stone. And, not at home, the ancient Persians were convinced that the blue of the sky was nothing but a giant sapphire on which the earth stood. Stone of wisdom, power and loyalty, in the Middle Ages it was called the Bishop's stone because of its alleged ability to elevate the human spirit.

Amethyst, meaning and symbology

The amethyst is considered by many to be a mystic stone, a symbol of joy, intelligence and courage. In Greek, amethyst means "do not get drunk": in antiquity, in fact, it was believed that its color was due to its ability to absorb wine. Wearing it, according to the myth, would keep the evil spirits away.

Turquoise, meaning and symbolism

Sacred stone in Tibet, widespread in the East, loved by the Egyptian pharaohs as well as by the American Indians: the turquoise , symbol of serene love and family unity, in astrology is linked to Jupiter. Particularly the bond of the Egyptians with this stone: if the Egyptian goddess Hathor was called queen of the turquoise, the scarabeo , symbol of the god Ra, is still carved today in the turquoise.

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