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Jewellery Trend: Chain Reaction

The accessory trend of the season worth knowing
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We’ve found our new eye candy in this season’s hottest new player. Before you get the wrong idea, we’re talking about the trendiest accessory, chains (and not the kinky kind). Whether as a necklace, a belt, or a strap, chains are to be seen everywhere in the Fall/Winter 2019 collections.

Of course, chains are nothing new in fashion. As far back in time as the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians, chains were used as belts and body embellishments. Every hip hop artist worth mentioning has at some point worn a chain necklace. So what's so special about this season's pieces? Well, they're bigger and bolder than ever, with the kind of in-your-face look that'll definitely turn heads.

Go big or go home seems to be the thinking, with supersized links making for some seriously funky chunky accessories. Just take a look at the two Alexanders – McQueen and Wang – who crank up the bling factor with sizeable necklaces and earrings. Tom Ford went the extra mile by incorporating large links as straps for his slinky creations.

1568182490520893 alexander mcqueen fall 20191568182490865352 alexander wang fall 2019
1568182491194650 tom ford fall 2019 11568182491644623 tom ford fall 2019 2
Alexander McQueen Fall 2019, Alexander Wang Fall 2019, Tom Ford Fall 2019

More is better than less seems to be the other approach. Layer chains of different colours and sizes for a textured effect à la Marni, or layer them with pearls and gemstones for a sense of chic chaos, as in R13.

1568182492010288 marni fall 20191568182492398779 r13 fall 2019
Marni Fall 2019, R13 Fall 2019

Or mix the two and wear big chains in layers, like Bottega Veneta.

1568182492788068 bv fall 2019
Bottega Veneta Fall 2019

The key to pulling off chains lies in juxtaposition. Use the heavy metal detailing as a contrast to softer silhouettes – pair a chain choker with flowy florals or wear a chain belt over silk pieces. 

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