VERDURA BELLISSIMA - Greens, you are beautiful

Vegan live in here and now. The veggie boom is currently being picked up as often as never before.
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Dress: Mailaika Raiss; Tights :Julia Seemann

We all know how important healthy nutrition is, so we decided to skilfully stage our favorite vegetables. The more and more vegan alternative products are purchased, is also due to the young and open-minded consumers.

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1. Top: Malaika Raiss; Jacket: Rika Studios; Pants : Wwwmoffcial; Shoes: Aeyde; 2. Hat: Vintage; Top: Our Legacy; Earrings: outofuseberlin; 3. Shirt : Rika Studios; Skirt: Rika Studios; Boots: Arket; Glasses: Gentle Monster
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1. Top: Malaika Raiss; Jacket: Rika Studios; 2. Head Piece: OUTOFUSEBERLIN; Blazer : Ivy&Oak; 3. Dress : Vintage


Photographer / Dome Darko /

Model / Eszter 
Agency / TFM Berlin /

Stylist / Saskia jung /
Represented by Nina Klein 

Hair & Make Up / Melanie Hunger /
Represented by Bigoudi

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