The Wounded Flowers

Neo folklore meets London emerging designers and embodies the modern Frida Kahlo.
"I never paint my dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality." - Frida Kahlo
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Blue trouser and shirt: Brogger/ Red Top: Carla Fernandez/ Hood around neck: IA London/ Jewellery and gloves: Sophie Cull Candy 
Flowing straight dress to the floor is a sample of Hollywood chic of the 1930s, complemented by a catchy accessory - wide hat.
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Jumper: M.Y.O.B/ Dress: Teatum Jones/ Hat: Laird Hatters/ Boots: Kinga Kasinska


Photographer: Zuzanna Zuonly

Stylist: Celia Arias

Stylist Assistant: Hazel Rosa

MUA: Elle McMahon

Hair: Yoko Setoyama

Model: Fana @Linden Staub

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Top: IA London/ Jacket: Steph Verano/ Jewellery _ Sophie Cull Candy Tights _ Wolford Shoes:Carla Fernandez/ Jumper: M.Y.O.B/ Dress: Teatum Jones

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