The new face of Levi's 501 Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin celebrates the new age of Levi's iconic model 501.

Hailey Baldwin, the successful model who entered the world home with Justin Bieber last September, made a loud agreement. Hailey Baldwin, who came together with Levi's, one of the world's most successful ready-to-wear brands and who passed the camera for the original blue jean of the year 501, achieved very cool shots. On May 20, the 155-year-old Levi's, who updated the 501 with Hailey Baldwin, began to draw the attention of fashion fans.

Hailey Baldwin's original style, inspired by the 90s, is reflected in the designs, with cool and comfortable parts from skinny jeans to shorts, posing for Levi's festive campaigns. In addition, we can say that Hailey Baldwin writing jeans are at the forefront in the designs that highlight the recent neon trend.

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