The new Balenciaga; Track 2

Balenciaga introduces a new generation of sneaker. Here is Track 2!
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We are almost sure that if you ask who is the pioneer of the big and stocky sneaker trend that has dominated the last years, you will always say “Balenciaga! Ağız. These sneakers, which are used by world-famous stars and influencers and where almost every brand competes to create similar ones, can now be said to be one of the key points of fashion.

If you remember, Balenciaga's first sneakers came in different colors. These models, which are not too complex in appearance, are now being replaced by a brand new design; Track 2. Balenciaga, which is more complex than the previous version, is dazzling with its retro look. The Track 2 is made up of 176 separate parts, and is a combination of volume and multi-layer midsole and outsole. The Track 2 is available in 3 different colors, and even at first glance it is clear that it is “high-performance.. Track 2 will be available in certain Balenciaga stores in Europe on June 17th and will be available worldwide on June 25th.


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