The House Boat

Intimate and mysterious lifestyle in a House-Boat on the Seine.

Intimate and mysterious lifestyle in a House-Boat on the Seine.

Exploring trough shapes textures and colors feelings, thoughts and desires upon the waters coursing between the Earth and the Unknown.

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Coat: Drome; Shoes: Chanel; Earings: Repossi Paris
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1. Top: Drome; Pants: Rahul Mishra; Shoes: Jimmy Choo; 2. Trench: Guy Laroche; Bra: Saint Laurent; Leggins: Marta Martino; Shorts: Celine; Boots: Jimmy Choo


Photography and Art Direction: Maku López 

Model: Sinara Barbosa 

Makeup & Hair: Shaila Moran for Chanel

Stylist: Ingrid Shirine Hobaya & Christina Prieth 

Stylist Assist: Elise Jacquemet-Baltzer

Digital Art: Jeremy Ferreira Mandelcwajg for Objectif Lux

Special thanks to La Péniche:  Serge Simenon 

1556890860085953 the boat house48761556890860117665 the boat house5162v2
1. Earing: Ingrid Shirine Hobaya; Top: Marta Martino; Pants: Lou de Betoly; Shoes: Miu Miu; 2. Coat: Sonya Rykiel; Belt: Saint Laurent; Shoes: Jimmy Choo
1556893978053299 the boat house4587v21556893989542176 the boat house5474v2
1. Coat: Christina Priet Paris; Top: Saint Laurent; Shorts: Balenciaga; Shoes: Jimmy Choo; 2. Sweater: Ingrid Shirine Hobaya; Tights: Agent provocateur; Slippers: Chanel;

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