Michelle Obama's best looks on the tour of her book

The Eternal First Lady of the United States used the tour to show off the best of her wardrobe
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The tour of Michelle Obama 's book has come to an end! Entitled "My Story," the book, which was released in November last year, was the best-selling book of 2018.


In just 15 days they were more than 2 million copies and reached historic records reaching more than 10 million copies. According to Penguin Random House's announcement, the memoir of former President Barack Obama's wife is one of the decade's most popular books!

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(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @michelleobama)

To top it off, Michelle took advantage of the bestselling promotion tour to give us fashion inspirations, each time with elegant and timeless looks.


Chic in the right measure, Michelle used and abused the suits in several versions. Besides them, extravagant dresses, like a Balenciaga yellow, have become one of the most beloved and commented of the event.


Check out Michelle Obama's best looks on tour:

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Photo: Getty Images
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(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @michelleobama)
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(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @michelleobama)

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