Jacquemus raises the bar on the micro-bag

The miniature bags, which are gaining in popularity, have been reinterpreted by Jacquemus.
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Last year, one couldn't get past the miniature Le Chiquito bag by Jacquemus on social media. One might even say it caused a real frenzy amongst social media stars. Jacquemus, for which Simon Porte Jacquemus is responsible, is already setting trend after trend even for a relatively young label. As a development of the micro bag trend, he's now introducing a wallet - which conveniently comes with a belt - by the name of Le Sac, which impresses with its size and simplicity. The French fashion brand thus assures that the trend towards small bags isn't going anywhere soon. As Le Sac can also serve as a luxurious lipstick case for the fashion enthusiasts among us.

The bag with adjustable strap and magnetic lid promises comfortable handling and doubles as a casually cool statement. The new Jacquemus bag is available in white and red with the letter "J" embossed. It's only a matter of time before Jeanne Damas is seen strutting through Paris with her lipstick securely tucked away in Le Sac. Why don't you join her?


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