In the fast lane: Constantly K on her Capsule Collection for Breuninger

Exclusive interview: Karin Teil alias Constantly K talking about her label, the border between work and private life and the latest cooperation with Breuninger.
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A look from Constantly K's Capsule Collection for Breuninger.

Congratulations on the latest collection and the recent cooperation with the German boutique Breuninger - are you sometimes surprised that your label CYK by Constantly K is developing so well?
I have been keeping a "Dream Book" for years in which I set out my goals and this year it was one of my goals to see "CYK" directly at the point of sales next to other premium brands. To this day, I have constantly pursued this goal and also pushed the brand towards it. Of course, sometimes I have to pinch myself when I see what is possible in half a year. I have often experienced in my life that you have to visualize dreams. If you follow them with all your passion, they can become reality, and that's how my ready-to-wear collection and the cooperation with Breuninger came about.

Some of your colleagues such as Aimee Song or Vicky Heiler have also launched their own collections - is it a logical career step as an influencer to change sides from here?
Without a doubt, as an influencer or content creator you have the great advantage of dealing with fashion, design and aesthetics on a daily basis. But in order to take this step, you also need a good deal of courage. I wouldn't call it a logical development, but our job lays a great foundation for it.

Does one have to build up several mainstays in your profession?
Incredibly important I would say - because this is the only way to keep your finger on the pulse of time in such a fast-moving world. This was also one of the reasons why I have not stopped moderating until today. Through my different mainstays, I get to know new and inspiring people every day, which allows me to constantly develop further. Standstill is my worst nightmare.

Do you see yourself as a brand - how do you manage to draw the line to the private individual?
When I started my blog in 2016, my goal was to create a brand. I'm still a long way from my ultimate goal, but I'm on my way there. Constantly K reveals so much of my personality. I'm presenting myself on social media, which is why the boundaries to "Karin as a private individual" are blurring more and more. Of course there are some areas of my life that I don't share publicly, but drawing a strict line to "constantly K" and "Karin" is not possible.

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Standstill is my worst nightmare.

What feeling should your customer get when wearing it?
I want my customer to feel beautiful and special, because every woman out here fulfils these two adjectives, even if not everyone sees this in herself.

How trend-oriented can or should a relatively small label be?
I think you have to find the balancing act between trend, timeless and wearable. In these fast-moving times it is often not so easy to master this.

Where is the collection produced and where do the materials come from?
My collection is produced in Turkey and Poland under fair conditions. I was also involved in the creation process and not only visited the factory, but also actively exchanged ideas with tailors, washers and other employees. My collection should give the wearer a good feeling, and for me a good conscience during the production is also part of it.

In which direction should the label develop further?
I would like to establish CYK even more as an independent brand. From the cut to the choice of fabrics - my collection should grow and develop together with me as a person. I have already planned some things for next year, but at the moment I'm not allowed to give too much away. But you can be curious.

The Capsule Collection by CYK by Constantly K for Breuninger is now available at Breuninger in Stuttgart and Düsseldorf, as well at online. Further information are available at or




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