How to wear animal print?

From Milan to New York, animal prints are everywhere. Whether it's a snake, leopard or tiger print, it's important to know how to combine it with taste
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Being Naomi

Viola Arrivabene's "Digital Queen" wears a white cotton poplin trench shirt for the cover of L'Officiel Italia.

You Should Always Hold Something 

In addition, you should get involved with the refreshing Aquarian energy. The sun has moved into Aquarius since January 20.
This month has astrologically thus some potential with it will start with full force and the year a second time and much more successfully again. 

Aquarians are incredibly humorous and a bit crazy somehow different, not for nothing begins during the Aquarian time the carnival and represents quite well the Aquarian energy. Aquarians are kind free spirits, small and big rebels, yet great empaths and up for any adventure. 

A true Aquarius radiates freedom and is master of verbalizing his feelings intellectually and working creatively. Among them you can find some real visionaries and discoverers like the fashion designers: Christian Dior, Narciso Rodriguez or Patricia Field. Uranus the ruling planet of Aquarians, which is running direct again this month is a spiritual planet and brings to light true individualists in Aquarians. 
For global community and networks, the sign Aquarius a represents and at the same time an idea of a good society, in the ideal sense with free and progressive thinking.

This quality of time also brings to all other signs of the zodiac much more desire for freedom, visions of the future and the desire for individuality and intellectual contemplation.


The rule was  – bring on the future, get rid of the classics. The fashion of the 2000s is a mix of pop culture and technological progress, reflected in asymmetry, metallic colours and thick soles. Juicy Couture, Fiorucci and Fila were enjoying popularity. Films from the late 90s like Clueless or The Matrix inspired Hollywood as well as the public in terms of style. 


Photo: Clueless, Netflix

"Everything can happen on this one, this single day, and the night is still waiting. A Midsummer Night's Dream, a scene out of Barry Lyndon."

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