Hailey Baldwin: I do not follow all the rules of the Bible

Wife of Justin Bieber and BFF of Bella, Gigi or Kendall: Hailey Bieber has long been more than an Instagram starlet from a famous family, a Generation Z kid that feeds on selfie and red carpet appearances. She is a superstar. In the shoot for the Italian label Max Mara she shows her feminine side
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Hailey Baldwin was photographed for the Max Mara Resort Collection 2019 by Danny Lowe and styled by Vanessa Bellugeon. The whole shoot can be seen in the December issue of L'Officiel.

»At my level, the choice of acquaintances is very reduced. I rarely meet people who share my ideas and values, " Hailey Baldwin told in July 2018 about her relationship with Justin Bieber . And while statistically determined 50 million "girls and boys" around the world dreamed of marrying the 24-year-old "Sorry" singer one day, it was reserved for Hailey in September to let this collective dream burst in discretion. Their 16 million followers - and thus the rest of the world - only found out when the model changed their Instagram account to @haileybieber . Justin himself created a new "Like" world record with his first "My wife is awesome" post: more than seven million clicked on his Insta heart.

Hailey 's inimitable gaze from her softly curving eyes beneath unusually dark eyebrows for a blonde, her overflowing lips, the golden hair with pink tips, legs as long as if a crane had become human, and provided with a rough timbre à la Kim Kardashian The Sunday Times was described as "sweet and lengthy like that of a girl from the San Fernando Valley saying slay instead of I love it " - Mrs. Bieber triumphs as Beauty without being a beast . Yes, the secret wedding is not the highlight of her career, but only her beginning. Hailey grows up in a religious family. Her father Stephen Baldwin, the youngest of the five Baldwin siblings, is an actor and Trump fan , her Brazilian mother Kennya comes from a musician dynasty.

His physical and spiritual grace is due to the model's twelve years of ballet classes. Medicine waltzes and biology books fascinate Hailey, who likes to refer to herself as a "full nerd". In another life she would rather have become a doctor. But now she can afford private doctors ... She always mentions ADHD as a clue to a messy school career.

Still distracted today, however, she begins to work in her professional life with the discipline she has learned in a hard ballet training. Like Gigi or Bella Hadid, she is represented by IMG Models, currently contracted by Hilfiger, and the face of Fendi's Pop Tour T-shirt line.

"I did not follow all the rules of the Bible about alcohol or sex before marriage."

She also made a brief appearance in the blockbuster "Ocean's 8" and dreamed something more audible of existence than "Bond Girl" or "Charlie's Angel". But not as one of Charles Manson's angels, even if Tarantino were behind the camera. "We're not interested in the dark part of the world," she said in an interview. The "we" stands for Born Again Christians, a movement that she joined with her father Stephen and her big sister Alaia. This group belongs to Hillsong, an evangelistic VIP church founded in 1983 in Australia. "People see religion as something frightening when they do not know what it's all about."


Although she keeps in touch with her parents on a daily basis, closeness to her dad ends at the latest before the ballot box. Stephen, as mentioned, chose the crazy Donald, Hailey was on Hillary's side. She does not hesitate to cheekily and frankly defend her uncle Alec, who is being mobbed by Trump : "And your spray tans are still orange. Sad. " But she's also taking care of more profane things:" I do not eat gluten-free, but I leave it all because it makes me tired. "Aha. Again one of these beauty secrets that are cited for the next ten years in this typical "My most secret beauty secret" -Ratgebern. Not less casually brings the 22-year-old her tan lines to light.

She also admits she is not the ideal poster girl for her religious affiliation: "I did not follow all the Bible's rules on alcohol or sex before marriage . But considering how I could have crashed, I've been pretty good. "

Hailey's 16 million Instagram followers, mostly younger than her, find a role model in her: "Responsibility is just the word when you want to stay in this industry for a long time. There are unwritten rules of self-expression that should be followed. "Lindsay Lohan has demonstrated how quickly you can become an it-out girl, with Verve the social media world.


As virtual stalking victims of wildly speculative fans you can truly pity Justin and Hailey. With the output of terrible fake news written about the couple, libraries filled up. Speculation of the trash press: Exile for Trump & Co. in Canada? Marriage settlement? Five children? Hailey knows how to ignore all these attacks: "best with two espresso shots on a mountain of ice cubes." But we have to admit, her fashion shoot for us was really hot too!

Hailey Baldwin for Max Mara

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