Falling Silent

This beautiful story is shoot by the talented Thomas Valtin.

Being left alone, having nothing left to say, gradually falling silent. The former togetherness and security leads to isolation and loneliness. Heavy fabric hides memories and feelings, form a wall. The clothing is reflected in each other - bright shades turn into dark colors and light materials are replaced by leather and raw denim.

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1. Coat: Jil Sander; Shirt: Paul Smith; 2.Sweatshirt: Sportmax; 3. Coat: Sportmax; Shoes: Kennel & Schmenger;4. Jumpsuit: Emporio Armani; Shoes: Paul Smith
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1. Blouse: Jil Sander; Skirt: Jil Sander; Shoes: Hermès; 2. T-Shirt: Salvatore Ferragamo; Pants: Hermès; Shoes: Paul Smith; 3. Shirt: Hermès; Longsleeve: COS; Pants: Emporio Armani; Shoes: Paul Smith;/ Blouse: Nobi Talai; Pants: Sportmax


Photography: Thomas Valtin

Styling Menswear: Marcello Bona

Styling Womenswear: Michaela Konz

Hair and MakeUp/ Grooming: Stefanie Stürmer at Uschi Rabe using Chanel and Aveda

Male Model: Alex S. at Miha Management

Female Model: Sarah B. at Louisa Models

Photo Assistant: Benjamin Herbst

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1. Shirt: Neil Barett; Pants: Balenciaga; Shoes: Paul Smith/ Cape: Burberry; Shoes: Sportmax; 2. Overshirt: Hermès; Turtleneck: Hermès; Pants: Emporio Armani

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