Fotostrecke: "The Day of the Rain" by Yoshiaki Sekine

Traditional Far Eastern elements meet Western fashion - photographer Yoshiaki Sekine stages an atmospheric meeting of cultures.
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Coat and Knitwear, EMILIO PUCCI. Pants, MISSONI. Shoes, TOGA. Umbrella, WAGASA CASA.

Detached from time and space, model Ai Tominaga stands in the midst of a busy street; she hardly seems to be affected by the hectic hustle and bustle - photographer Yoshiaki Sekine staged for L'Officiel an editorial that can hardly be surpassed in its nostalgic beauty. Not only the scenery is impressive, but also the styling: Western elements and Far Eastern traditions seem to be combined effortlessly and underline the fascinating as well as melancholic atmosphere. 

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Look 1: Jacket, BALLY. Knitwear, BALLY. Skirt, EMILIO PUCCI. Scarf, ETRO. Umbrella, WAGASA CASA. Look2: Coat, CHLOÉ. Knitwear, BALLY. Skirt, TORY BURCH. Sunglasses, JIMMY CHOO. Umbrella, WAGASA CASA. Look 3: Jacket, Skirt and Shoes, MAX MARA. Blouse, FENDI. Hat, EMILIO PUCCI. Look 4: Jacket and Polo, MISSONI. Earrings, TOGA PULLA. Umbrella, WAGASA CASA.

Photographer : Yoshiaki Sekine @signo
Model: Ai Tominaga
Styling: Renji @D-cord limited 
Hair: Go Utsugi @Parks management 
Make-Up: Itsuki @UM
Styling Assistant: Ryota Watanabe

This town is about to change for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This time our shooting location is the Asakusa, Ueno area. It is an area  lined with temples, and shrines as well as old parks and miscellaneous shops. It is the most traditional area in Tokyo. Tokyo is currently ahead of the Olympics.

The attraction of Tokyo is its traditional culture, which has been blessed with architectural rushes, but has not changed in the midst of the rapidly changing urban cityscape. Ai Tominaga, who has traveled across Paris, NY, London, etc, will talk about the attraction of this city, which has formed a culture that is completely different from European culture.

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・ Please tell us about the difference between Europe and Tokyo.

It is no exaggeration to say that the water, people, history, culture and customs are all different. Just as I feel that Europe is completely different from Japan,  if you are from Europe, Japan will also look like a totally different world.

・ This is the Asakusa-Ueno area, which is the shooting location this time. Please tell me if you have any memories of it.

For me, this is a tourist destination and I came for extracurricular learning when I was a student. I am always excited going to places where the Japanese style remains.

・ Are there any shops, parks or museums you can recommend in this area?

The museums and art galleries in Ueno,  Japan is proud of.  The transition of the four seasons is also beautiful, I think it's wonderful just to come for a walk.

Fotostrecke: "The Day of the Rain" by Yoshiaki Sekine

・ The Tokyo Olympics will be held next year,  what do you want people from all over the world to see in Tokyo?

I would like people to see how a small island country has made history,  interacts with many foreign countries, and enjoys a unique culture through Japan's own isolation.

I would also like people to have a taste of its food culture at the same time.

・ The city is about to change greatly now, but are there any places that you don’t want to change?

Time flows constantly and the times change. And people also change.

However, it is humanity that I do not want to change.

・ It is said that there are currently the largest number of tourists to Tokyo, but what do you think is the attraction of Tokyo?

A town where tradition and future come and go. If you are from overseas, I would like you to enjoy both its historical and cutting edge aspects.

Text by Renji & Belinda (Bels Production)



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