Christian Louboutin's illusionist collection

You are invited to explore the new Optical Illusions collection, which symbolizes the innovative, fun and energetic spirit of Christian Louboutin.

The world-famous French fashion giant Christian Louboutin welcomes you with a brand new collection called Il Optical Illusions Dünya. Inspired by the kinetic art movement, the collection opens the door to a vibrant and sensual experience. The collection is based on the eclectic spirit of the artist Julio Le Parc; bending, color and contrast playing designs, users vary according to the movements. The lively Optical Illusions collection, which reflects the iconoclastic vision of Christian Louboutin in a fun and energetic way, reinterprets Christian Louboutin's cultured aesthetics with a modern and courageous look, from coquette-style to rough-based sneakers, bags and accessories. Optical Illusions collection is on sale at and all Christian Louboutin stores.


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