Montauk Project: Adventures in Synchronicity

,Montauk Project - Adventures in Synchronicity" explores the idea of perception beyond perception.
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 What do we see when we look into, through and beyond consciousness?

Can we use our surrounding space as a visual filter for the worlds that lie within us?

Turning our gaze inwards sets us on a journey into magical and mysterious territories of the mind. 

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Team Credits

Photography & Art Direction: Maku López 

Model: Alexandra Elizabeth @thesocietymanagement

Stylist: Odile Iturraspe @wilhelminaStylist Assistant: Ti Nguen

Make up artist: Kento Utsubo

Hair Stylist: Yuhi Kim

Hair Assistant: Hiro Furukawa

Photo Assistant: Nicolas López

Producer: Andrés Sebastián

Digital Art: Jeremy Ferrerira @ObjectifLux

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