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Swatch celebrating the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus

Swatch celebrates the 100th anniversary of the most important art movement and school of the 20th century.
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Bauhaus was founded in 1919 in Weimar, Germany, bringing together the world's most distinguished architects and artists. The pioneer of an art movement of the same name, Bauhaus is based on the logic of intertwining branches such as architecture, painting, sculpture and craftsmanship. Originality was an important factor in Bauhaus. They argued that each artist should avoid imitation or repetition. Creativity was only brought to light.

Such an important art movement and the 100th anniversary of the art school are celebrated with respect by many brands, designers and artists all over the world. One of these brands is Swatch, which is famous for its watches and accessories, which prioritize simplicity. With its BAU Swatch collection, which is located in Swatch 2019-20 Autumn-Winter collection, it addresses the point that art eliminates the boring state and unlike art is a very entertaining platform. The BAU Swatch collection, like every Swatch watch, has stolen our hearts as it is timeless.


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