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Cartier: A Swiss Girl Really Big

Michèle Krüsi, better known as The Fashion Fraction, thrilled and inspired with her blog and social media channels. What the young Zurich thinks about jewelry and watches, it's best to read it yourself.
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  • What does jewelery mean for you?
    For me, jewelery means giving the finishing touch to an outfit.


  • Which is your favorite piece of jewelery?
    My LOVE Bracelet - the newer, narrower version - from Cartier, because it not only looks awesome, it fits in with everything, has a deep meaning - and does not bother you when it comes to sports.


  • What do you like to combine with what?
    Since it can only be opened with a screwdriver, I have never pulled it off since I got it. Accordingly, it has already participated in many combinations. But I like it combined with several different bracelets. Currently, I also wear the Panthère de Cartier constantly, so this should be the most common combination.


  • Do you have a piece of jewelry that you still lack in your collection?
    The "Juste un Clou" of Cartier I would have mad, crazy in gold. I'm also thinking about getting the "Long Face Earring" from Sarah & Sebastian coming soon. The longer I think about it, the more I think;)


  • Why this piece?
    Juste un Clou is a true classic that I can carry all my life and yet extremely modern. The Long Face Earring, on the other hand, is more of a trend piece - but one that fits my taste. He is unique, funny, cool!


  • Which brand inspires you the most and why?
    Difficult question. I basically like traditional brands, but they always dare something new and surprise them with it.


  • Which of your watches is your favorite?
    Clearly the Panthère de Cartier.


  • Is there a piece of jewelry or a clock that will trigger an extraordinary memory?
    As it happens, every now and then, when I make something special, I reward myself with a piece of jewelry. Others were gifts from friends or family. That is why many pieces of jewelry are associated with a memory.


  • Do you think that jewelry makes you more beautiful?
    In my opinion jewelery can emphasize the places that one finds beautiful in oneself and thus can distract attention from "teasing" in other places.


  • You had the opportunity to go to LA with Cartier: What did you remember in particular?
    The party for the launch of the Panthère de Cartier is and will remain unforgettable. The atmosphere was incredibly good and Alicia Keys as a live act just stunning and. But also the hotel, I will not forget so fast, we were in Chateau Marmont and our room was HUGE!

Photo Credits: Stefan Benninger




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