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Wellness Clinic in the Sun

A refuge for the discerning: holistic health concepts meet pure luxury on the Spanish coast. Anyone striving towards a healthy lifestyle should start their journey at «SHA Wellness Clinic».
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The clinic is situated in a picturesque landscape between the bay of Altea and the Sierra Helada Nature Park.

Enjoy a freshly squeezed "Sunrise" juice-cocktail at the infinity pool and allow the eye to travel from the Sierra Helada Nature Park and stop to linger on the picturesque views of Altea bay... As is commonly known, there are many definitions for luxury, but those who have made their way to "SHA Wellness Clinic" will be able to add some superlatives to them. Within a paradisiacal ambience, guests are able to pay tribute to the greatest luxury of all, one's own health. For ten years, this institution on the Spanish Mediterranean coast has been regarded as somewhat of a pilgrimage site for travellers who want to combine what is necessary with what is pleasurable, and who not only strive for relaxation but also towards good health. This is now one of the biggest trends within the travel industry and is said to increase in the coming five years by approximately 25 percent, according to experts.
Tempting catchphrases are quickly enumerated: inner harmony, a work-life balance, mindful living. There is hardly any wellness retreat or spa that doesn't compete for the new target group. The wheat can be separated all too quickly from the chaff nevertheless, so "SHA" rightly insists on being defined as a "Wellness Clinic": medical support is one of its decisive quality characteristics. Amongst its 300 employees, 35 doctors work full-time for the company and supervise its twelve different health programmes, each of which is individually tailored to its guests.

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Luxury in Detail

The detox cure is particularly popular. Within a period of at least 7, ideally 14 days, the entire body is cleaned and the level of oxidative stress reduced by a significant amount. Under medical supervision, the individual elements interlock like gears. From liver detoxification, to laser acupuncture, to traditional applications of Chinese medicine such as moxibustion (another form of acupuncture in which glowing moxa herb activates energy flows), the approach practiced at the clinic is always holistic. For ten years now, the concept attributed to founder Alfredo Bataller Parietti has been committed to all round service. "Health is not seen here as the absence of disease", states the clinic, "but rather as the optimum of physical, mental and spiritual well-being". More vitality and harmony are top priorities, rounded off by a comprehensive wellness programme. Indiba high-frequency therapies, electric lymph drainage or cryotherapy: Natural treatments are paired with the latest developments in Western medicine. Vanities can also be nurtured, as, after all, the exterior should coincide with one’s inner health.

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Relaxation for body and soul - at the pool you can enjoy relaxing hours and one or the other healthy smoothie in idyllic ambience.

Food for the Soul

Even when it comes to detox programmes, people rarely like to talk about what's on their plate as much as they do at "SHA Wellness Clinic". Here, too, the focus is on a healthy, natural, energetic and balanced diet, inspired by thousands of years of dietary experience and adapted to modern life. Three types of different menus alternate daily and are tailored to each guest’s programme. Although due to the medical definitions, we must refer to them as diets, none of the clinic’s 50.000 guests, including many prominent names such as a Russian politician or an American actress with her own lifestyle platform, have had to starve. After all, this is not about quick results, but a healthy change that should also be practiced in, and applicable to, every day life. Joint cooking courses, meditation exercises, as well as sports activities and nutritional advice ensure that travellers take far more than just beautiful memories of palm trees and the sea home with them from their holidays.

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Nutrition in the «SHA Wellness Clinic» is by no means synonymous with renunciation. The different menus change daily and can certainly compete with the world’s top restaurants.

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