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Of Star-Filled Skies and Diving Extravaganzas

A further, luxury segment hotel project is located in the picturesque Baa Atoll. At luxury resort «Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas» on the Kihavah archipelago, paradise on earth can be found levelled between the sky and the ocean floor.
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The Maldives, without any shadow of a doubt hold true to just about every superlative and decorative description associated with a holiday in the Indian Ocean. There is no shortage of beautiful white sandy beaches, turquoise water and almost surreal idyllic sunsets at the 5-star resort «Anantara Maldives Villa Kihavah». Surrounded by coconut palms and mango trees, the luxury resort belonging to the renowned hotel chain, represented worldwide in countries such as Sri Lanka, Zambia or Malaysia, is located in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve about 30 minutes by seaplane from Velena. Many centuries ago, Arabian sailors from the Far East would stop here on their journeys. Back then, the stars would show them the way. Now, the resort’s guests will be accordingly bestowed with a feeling that it can only be a sign from the heavens that one has landed in this holiday paradise.

Around 80 villas and residences are settled into the island idyll and line the private beach or stand floating above the reef. Depending on category, the residence’s sizes vary between 258 m2 and 3000 m2 - so none of the guests have to worry about a lack of space. Worries are quite far away here in any case, once you take a swim in the private pool, lounge about on the sun deck or in the hammock and allow your soul and body to become one. Luxury down to the smallest detail is a matte of course here: take advantage of state-of-theart facilities, technical extras such as Bose Bluetooth surround sound systems, iPads, and 24-hour service.

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Adieu to Boredom

Aside of exclusive accommodation, which, especially during the winter months, is a great way to get away from the grey weather at home as well as from everyday life, there is also more than enough to discover. The house reef with its manta rays beckons to be explored, as do exploration trips on board the resort’s private yacht. The private jet, which can also be booked for adventures, ensures that the spectacular natural scenery can be viewed from all angles. After a day of adventures, you can relax at the equally luxurious spa area. Wellness treatments such as a variety of Ayurvedic massages, body scrubs and yoga are on offer, as are non-invasive cosmetic treatment, such as microdermabrasion or the so-called «vampire facial» - a very diverse set of treatment possibilities. If you are traveling with children, they will be well cared for here. The «Kids Club» keeps young guests entertained with painting lessons, cooking classes and all sorts of other fun and games.

Now, the resort’s guests will be accordingly bestowed with a feeling that it can only be a sign from the heavens that one has landed in this holiday paradise.
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From the Bottom of the Ocean to the Stars

Even the most discerning guests will experience positive surprises here, for example when it comes to culinary delicacies. An absolute highlight when it comes to matters of the taste buds is, undoubtedly, the hotel’s gourmet restaurant named «Sea», located within breathtaking surroundings, under sea level. The world’s first underwater wine cellar and restaurant entice with delicious tasting menus for lunch and dinner and the finest wines from all over the world. The creations on your plate will serve as competition to the dazzling underwater world that can be observed through the curved glass wall. Guests are warned that they will be forced to close their eyes for a few moments, due to the overwhelming delights caused by the consumption of the restaurant’s award-winning dishes and desserts. The «Chocolate Bomb Explosion» is especially recommended to the sweet-toothed: a heavenly Ganache of mascarpone parfait with warm caramel sauce. An absolute must try! As beautiful as it may be, the «Sea» restaurant is by far not the only option for pleasurable moments when it comes to dining. Asian cuisine is served at «Salt», inclusive of outdoor cooking and a salt sommelier. «Fire» serves a show alongside food for dinner as lobsters and Angus filets can be watched sizzling on a teppanyaki grill right in front of the guests during the meal. An evening can come to its most beautiful end with a cinema under the stars experience. However, the real star here is the spectacular view of the sky. You can further examine its impressive beauty at the hotel’s private observatory, and a sense of humility will settle upon you whilst glancing at its endless expanse. What will every guest wish for if they discover a shooting star? Most probably a speedy return to this paradise.

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