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Beauty postcard from Rome

Our travel tips continue, next stop: Bella Italia. To be precise, it's all about Rome
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In addition to architecture and antiquity, ice cream, aperol and selfiesticks - as well as nostalgically beautiful toothpastes and scents that take you back to an Italy of bygone times - are on the ball. Here are our insider tips and tricks for a romantic summer in the capital

BENVENUTO - That's how the summer smells
In 1945, the Durantes decided to move from the province to Rome to realize their dream of creating their own perfumery. PROFUMUM ROMA offers today fragrances for lovers. The most beautiful of all boutiques can be found in Via Di Ripetta 10.
The traditional brand captures emotions with its aromas, such as the feeling of warm summer air that dries wet skin from the bath.

In the garden!
Delicate pink and rich green. Hot contenders for a new combination of favorite colors. And where do Cacio e Pepe, with ricotta and pepper ravioli, taste even better than in the restaurant of the Hotel de Russie? On the terrace of the same - there you have the best view of the paradise garden

HOTEL DE RUSSIE - Reservations: + 39 06 3288 8870

Veni Vidi Vino
Monteverde Vecchio means translated as much as old green mountain. At the same time it is the name of a district of Rome, where it is much quieter than elsewhere. Green avenues, magnificent villas and a bar called Litro. Here you can drink organic wine and cocktails with mezcal (almost 40 different varieties of agave brandy are on the menu). There is also Aperitivo with Bruschetta and Mortabella - (scusi!) - della.

LITRO - Reservations: + 39 06 4544 7639

La Dolce Vita
To celebrate the Italian sweet life, you need a sunbathing spot in a café with a good view of the piazza. An espresso in your hand. And of course a nice and extravagant sunscreen like this one from DOLCE & GABBANA. Thus, the events can admire unabashed.

Sunglasses from the Carretto Siciliano collection, DOLCE & GABBANA, about 250 euros

On the tube, get set, go!
The nicest holiday souvenirs are pharmacy finds like the toothpastes from MARVIS. The design of the tubes and boxes is reminiscent of nostalgic confectionery. And the seven varieties taste the same way. Cinnamon, ginger, jasmine, various peppermint notes and Amarelli licorice. The pastes are available in every Italian pharmacy for little money. So we just take everyone with us: one for the mom, one for the loved one and five for me alone!

Toothpaste from MARVIS, from approx. 9 Euro, via

Ciao Bella
What do we wear when we lick and stroll around the Piazza Navona? The cherry dress gives us the necessary summer feeling and Italian charm on top.

Dress from HVN on , about 622 euros

In keeping with the strawberry ice cream, we hide behind the pink glasses of the Diorsplit by Bessnnyc4, in order to be able to look after the Italians on their Vespas without being disturbed. Arrividerci!

From DIOR , about 430 euros

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