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London based couture brand Sabina Bilenko celebrates their launch party at Christie's

December 9th 2021, London - Inspired by the powerful matriarchs in her life, Sabina Bilenko founded her namesake brand in 2020. Today, that spirit of empowerment translates in their atelier where couture creations are dreamt up for private clients.

Their philosophy is simple: to make women feel their most beautiful through exquisite, handcrafted garments that can be passed down the generations. Mother to daughter and on and on. It’s a dedication to quality and craft, and a commitment to the elegance of decades past — particularly the sartorial ideals of the 1950s.

With this in mind, Sabina Bilenko hosted their celebration at Christie’s, the international home of art and antiques. Surrounded by these cultural artifacts, Sabina Bilenko threw a mid-century inspired bash to rival those of the fashion's golden age.

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Guests included amongst others were; Ikram Abdi, Olivia Arben, Ajak Deng, Nyasha Matonhodze, Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, Laurent Feniou, Patrick Kinmonth, Nyasha Matonhodze and Alesya Kafelnikova.


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