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Who was at the Arc during fashion week?

Cindy Crawford, Robin Thicke and Winnie Harlow ignited the Arc dancefloor during the Paris Fashion Week. The star photographer, Rachid Bellak, unveils some new shots ...

It is rue de Presbourg, a few steps from the mythical place of the star that hides L'Arc , a true institution of the Parisian night, where rush the whole planet people as soon as fashion week is the tip of his nose .

Last week, Mick Jagger was more rock'n'roll than ever and "swinguait" alongside the little brother of s oeurs Hadid. Cindy Crawford remade the world with the incognito basketball player Michael Jordan , while Winnie Harlow , Lindsey Lohan or David Guetta were unleashed on the track ...

The proof in pictures.

Photo credits: Saint Ambroise / BF A / Rachid Bellak


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