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Valentino Act Collection at the Milan Design Week

Throughout the Milan Design Week, (5-10 September 2021) Maison Valentino introduced a special installation in the Via Montenapoleone boutique. The shop windows and interiors drew their inspiration from the world of theatre, the protagonist of the Valentino ACT show, and the new campaign’s images.
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Let's take a peek inside the boutique. This is where real and virtual elements blend together: vintage theatre seats together with red curtains characterize the design; a LED wall recreates that feel of the fashion show through special shots from the Piccolo Teatro in Milan.

This special installation presents a display that draws on theatres from across Italy. As soon as you enter the space you feel the immediate sensation of experiencing the materiality of the objects and furnishings, while at the same time, feeling the immaterial impulses of a creative and artistic vision. It invites us, in a unique way, to continue to appreciate the theatre from various perspectives. The space is designed to evoke a sense of curiosity and culture through the display of theatre seats from the theatrical world of the 1940s. To complete the theatrically inspired furnishings, red velvet and latex were used.

We are looking at a collateral project of sustainability tied contemporaneously to materials, innovation, and recovery. In a way, this is an illustration of a more thoughtful relationship with nature, social causes, and its deep connection with technology, and the continuous use of vintage materials and creative reuse. For this window, which will follow an itinerant international path, the aesthetics are also based on recycling and recuperating, a practice that involves the reuse of materials to develop new interpretations in spaces that stimulate conversations and emotions.

Through the exploration of the artistic language, what materializes with a clear and incisive sign is Valentino’s identity today: sensual and at the same time romantic, nourished by memory, but not nostalgic. An identity that is also reflected in the images, which invade the spaces, of Zendaya, Teddy, and the Valentino DI.Vas. A celebration of individuality and inclusivity, through the amplification of different voices and visions, forming a community united by empathy and connection.

To mark the Milan Design Week, the Maison is also presenting an exclusive takeover of the newsstand in Via dei Giardini with images of the new campaign starring Zendaya. Romanticism and sensuality coexist in the Valentino ACT Fall / Winter 2021 - 22, through the re-signification process, as the new Valentino Garavani Stud Sign bag, worn by the actress, serves as the latest interpretation. Inside the newsstand, visitors will have the chance to discover a preview of the book VLogo Signature Vol. II, out in October.

The Maison continues, in a conscious and progressive way, its support for culture and for showcasing the freedom of artistic expression.

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