Transparent Tales for Men in A/W 2020 Collection by Closed

An effortless effort originally is not a Parisian, yet men's style of dressing up. And this is precisely the reason why they keep looking so good. New "Transparent Tales" line by Closed is all about free-and-easy lifestyle.
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For the last decades, men's fashion has changed from very formal - to young and cool. Careless chic, which somehow always looks fresh. We already knew the fact that men have received better brows, better eyelashes, and better skin. So women started to play by their own rules and have created everything that can help them to score points to ladies team: from 7-step skincare routine to "no makeup" makeup, and 5-ways how to style boyfriend's shirt. But maybe the secret is hidden not in the amount of steps, yet the amount of attention? And perhaps "less is more" is meant to be defined as the new cool. A quick fashion guide in the new Closed "Transparent Tales" campaign starring Roch Barbot will teach you the lessons of toilless aesthetic. 

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Pure shapes, neutral colors, graphic patterns, and workwear details come together to create those most needed everyday essentials. When you know neither what to wear, neither how to feel, remind yourself about an ultimate lifesaver - white top + blue jeans. It could be any interpretation of white: white t-shirt, sweater or shirt. A combination with classic thick denim is always going to be a win-win option. 

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It fits everyone, it looks posh, it khaki color, which has been loved dearly by designer and costumers the last couple of seasons. Alongside with beige, khaki became a new black. Not too bright, yet noticeable it's a perfect solution for a casual fit.

1593197035279176 closed aw20 transparent tales 17

What can be better than the new black? An old one. A total black look with white sneakers always had some charm behind it. By the way, it is a favorite outfit of all fashion soldiers, and especially designers.

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To combine and conclude everything what we have learned before, we can add some layers. There is no better way to make a simple look more stylish but still relaxed than put a t-shirt, shirt, and jacket together. 

After marinating ourselves on the Closed "Transparent Tales" men's line, we are ready to upgrade our style with some basic essentials of the wardrobe, namely: as much khaki as we can, black on black, layers, and attractiveness of simplicity. Next step - learn the difference between oxfords and brogues.

The pictures were taken by Julien T. Hamon for Closed 

The Transparent Tales drop will be available from mid-July 2020.

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