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Mercedes AMG has made the impossible possible. The first road-going Formula 1 car was born: Project One. It had started with the dream to make the hybrid technology of the racetrack also roadworthy. As one of the first I was allowed to view the concept car last winter in the California desert, before it was presented to the public at the Geneva Motor Show. The magic of the transformation of a dream is here in every detail.
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A road trip that starts at sunrise in Hollywood and ends at sunset at a small private airport in the middle of the California desert. The streets are empty. The dew is still in the fields, while we drive in the AMG GTC convertible along Route 14 in the direction of Indian Wells Valley. The turquoise blue of the cloudless sky becomes more intense the further we drive into the desert.

It's going to be a day full of surprises. Thus, the village in which we are now, with 355 sunny days a year, the highest sunshine duration of North America. Amazingly, the temperature is barely above 10 degrees. How can it be so cold in the desert? Paradox.

Just as amazing, the day continues. Arrived at the airport of Inyokern, I meet the Silver Arrow of Lewis Hamilton. I'm amazed - at the colors, the curves, the flexibility and the power that this race car emits - and I wonder how fast he drives. Should I test it?

Formula 1 performance for the road? How is that possible? I do not need to know much about cars to find out. If you look a little behind the scenes, you quickly realize that it is actually in the DNA of the already 50-year-old subsidiary of Mercedes, to make the impossible possible.

Hardly spoken, I turn around, and there it says: Like a chameleon, "Project One" adapts to the changing colors of the day. It radiates strength, style, coolness, character and a crazy sexyness. It's sleek, without being boring. It has something of a Batmobile. Mysterious, sexy, adventurous and yet elegant and calm, which in turn stands for safety. I look at the Supercar from all sides and get into raptures. Perfection in every detail. A concept that could not be more demanding - that's why it's so unique. The AMG DNA is in every facet.

Well, I'm a woman - issues like cars and their technical details are actually not at the top of my interest rankings. But experience, passion, attention to detail and new ideas and dreams very well. And that is precisely what fascinates me so much about the "Project One" concept: the idea of ​​the implementation of the impossible, which has been transformed in every detail - and in perfection.

"Project One" has its own mindset. A mindset that shows you should never stop dreaming. Wild to dream. To imagine the impossible. To think big. To be crazy. Is not that what makes life worth living? To go to his limits, to test the limits - and to know them? The first step is done with the dream. For sure. But willpower, precision, intelligence and drive are what makes a transformation of these dreams possible in order to be able to take them into the future.

I can hardly wait to see the final transformation from "Project One" to the Mercedes AMG One, and one of the 275 limited concept cars worldwide (worth 3.1 million francs - of course, all of them are already out of print) will soon be on its own to test on the street. To be inspired again by his indescribable magic. For more drive, more performance, more courage, more speed and more energy.

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