The best men shows from Digital Milan Fashion Week SS21

Experiencing a fashion show in person was just a pleasure of few selected people, who were someone in the fashion industry, an editor or a celebrity. Attending a show meant a lot, you were the first one in the world who can see the new collection, feel the music, and dive into the designer’s inspiration. No one else in the world had this privilege. You had to make yourself an opinion on what a critic, who saw the show, wanted you to see. Then Instagram happened and brands slowly let their customers and fashion enthusiasts inside their world and work. We all probably saw some instagram life footage and the cool runway pictures. In the last years you could even get a glimpse of the behind the scenes from an Influencers IG Story. But this all changed. Due to the pandemic!
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Because of social distancing and the current situation designers had to rethink their way of showing their new collection. Being more creative in the way they tell their stories than just sending models down a runway. Getting us hooked and even more interested in the meaning behind the clothes and into the designers head. And the best part, we are all even, we all can experience it at the same time, as physical fashion shows were cancelled in Milan, and everybody was invited to attend digitally. And the best part, make their own judgement.

Nonetheless we would like to present to you our favorites, in our own humble opinion, of shows who never happened. The Prada show’s title by the way.

MSGM - Non so dove, ma insieme

"I don’t know where, but together" is the translated title of Massimo Giorgetti’s new spring summer 2021 collection for MSGM. A dream worthy video of just having an amazing time together, living, loving and being with your friends. The collection itself is wonderfully positive with lots of colors. Worth checking out.

PRADA - The show that never happened!

Miuccia Prada invited Terence Nance, Joanna Piotrowska, Martine Syms, Juergen Teller and Willy Verperre to each propose and create a film capturing a facet of the Prada collection and show its creative statement and ideology. If you know those five image-makers and artists you will know, their point of view is strong and a Prada collection even more so. Every one of those five chapters is completely different and you can choose which one of the video you are going to have on loop for hours. Prada’s collection is minimalistic elegant and sporty. The best part of it, Mrs. Prada gave us more of her best selling nylon pieces.

GUCCI - Epilogue

The master of releasing masculinity from its chains, Alessandro Michele, presented his new collection in a narrated twelve hours long video where the models were actually Gucci’s design team members. The creators became the performers, which marks the end of Alessandro’s fashion show experiment, as Gucci decided they will only show two times a year with season-less collections. In the shortened Video below, Alessandro Michele explains his thoughts on his vision. A personal coffee table conversation we all wanted for years. The Collection is Alessandro’s homage to his own design codes and the 70s.



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