Prada: the splendors of optimism

Prada presented its spring-summer 2020 man collection in Shanghai on Thursday night, guided by a benevolent and optimistic vision.
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If fashion says much of its time, it has the right (the duty?) To move away from the commonplaces and offer a new perspective on what surrounds it. In an old silo, adorned with blue lights, the house Prada demonstrated: power of colors, sharpness of cuts, affirmation of materials, it seemed that hovered over the silhouettes a tayloring spirit claiming authority. The intervention of the collective United Visual Artists modulated the space admirably, balancing uncertainties and comfort. The romantic finesse of the house finds its full expression here, drawing from the chromatic palette, from soft, brilliant red to glossy black - and the technical inventiveness of resources summoning a certain idea of fashion. Games on volumes, distortions, mischievous shifts on timeless cloakroom - polos, shirts, jackets, bermudas - offer our eyes a (re) questioning of our rituals sometimes damaged by the habit - and everyone knows that habit erodes desire, joy and confidence in the future.

The moral of the fable that tells us this collection is stimulating, sensitive, sensual. As an ideal, as much to take as to follow. Against amorphous despair, pleading for joyful invention. We end with the title of the collection: Optimist Rhythm . This dynamic is incumbent upon us to follow, to let our steps follow this path so elegantly and confidently that it would be crazy to ignore it.


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