Must-Have - Limited Edition at Bullfrog

The cult product of the Barbershop gets a new coat of paint. This is done in collaboration with an artist who could not better represent the brand's lifestyle: Giuseppe "Gep" Coserta.
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The first Barbershop of Bullfrog opened its doors in 2013 to the clientele in Milan. Bullfrog men's hairdressers use the "Bullfrog Agnostico Balsamo Multifunctionale" then as they do today. Here are some facts about the popular classic:

  • Due to the frequent demand for a care product, which makes the beard supple and gives it an unmistakable fragrance, the beard balm became the first own creation of Bullfrog.
  • As the name implies, the balm has more than one purpose. With rich oils - olive and macadamia - it nourishes the beard, moisturizes the face and can be optimally used as an aftershave.
  • "Bullfrog Agnostico Balsamo Multifunctionale" is Bullfrog's best-selling product. Every 15 minutes in the shops of the Barbershop a balm goes over the counter.

This coveted item has now been redesigned. An artist who masterfully represents the exclusive style of the brand has made his name at the address of the balsam: The Milanese craftsman Giuseppe "Gep" Coserta has become self-employed as a calligrapher and decorates objects of all kinds with his ornament; now also the "Bullfrog Agnostico Balsamo Multifunctionale". The limited edition is the perfect Christmas gift for any beard enthusiast.



Available at:
Bullfrog Zurich
Niederdorf street 18
8001 Zurich


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