How to Create a Perfect Basic Wardrobe with Falconeri

There are two types of people in this world: Those who are paying attention to the materials that they put on their skin (normal people call it clothes), and those who don't. But the fact is - no matter what group you belong to, a good fabric will make you feel better.
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Menswear is a big topic for discussion that excites both male and female. And while the talents of the industry are running Fashion Houses orientated on women, we keep looking for the best options on the market that can help us to ruin the myth about limited choice in a men's world of style. And since style is about timelessness, we are coming to something that will live happily ever after in your closet for at least a decade. 

Falconeri recently released a selection of "everything-that-a-man-needs-in-his-wardrobe", from trousers and polos to sweatpants and bombers. The perfect base that can be a full "ready-to-wear" capsule or complement your special pieces. But what is actually a perfect base? First of all, it is definitely something that will make your life easier. You can close your eyes, pick up any piece in your closet, and whatever you will choose - should be perfectly combined together. The second sign of a well-made base, as was said in the first paragraph, is good quality. With time people were seduced by a huge variety of easily accessible pieces, that they forgot about how properly sewn should clothes feel like. Moreover, how long it can serve. 

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Since you are acknowledged about the actual ways on how to create a wardrobe of dreams, it is time to jump in the sea of men's shopping. 

Falconeri suggests us to start with a must-have, which are the sweaters made of Cashmere Ultralight. The extraordinarily thin yarn has natural heat-regulating, elastic and breathable properties, which ensure that the body temperature is kept constant. (Definitely properly sewn!) The range of colors from Falconeri is representing all shades of natural. (Here comes perfect combination.) And since Father's Day is coming Falconeri prepared vouchers to make our dads happy and stylish.

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