How Ralph Lauren makes bottles of T-shirts that you want to wear

Made from recycled plastic bottles and dyed without water: The Earth Polo combines something that today's eco-conscious man desires.
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Responsibility for the best possible use of our planet is an increasingly important aspect of their lives for more and more people, and is becoming more important for the big fashion brands. So also with Ralph Lauren . The label unveiled The Earth Polo in mid-April: a polo shirt made from recycled plastic bottles that did not require the use of water. For such a T-shirt are used on average twelve bottles.

Behind the Earth Polo is a whole project: "Ralph Lauren will commit to removing at least 170 million bottles from landfills and oceans and switching from the use of pure poly fibers to the use of recycled poly fibers by 2025. Plastic waste is a big problem threatening the environment - we want to be part of the solution and use an innovative approach to create something valuable, "says David Lauren, Chief Innovation Officer.

That's not all. The polo shirts are made in collaboration with First Mile , a global organization focused on sustainability and positive social influence. The organization works with entrepreneurs from low-income regions. These then ensure that the bottles are collected and processed sustainably in order to obtain a high-quality and environmentally friendly material.

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The Earth Polo is available in retail stores and on the official Ralph Lauren men and women website in four colors: Stuart Green, White, Navy and Baby Blue.

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