The world's first 3D printed car - and you won't believe how fast it is

Sustainable, smart, light and fast. Check out the world's first printed car.
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Much faster, smarter, and amazingly well printed! That's right, we are introducing you to the automotive revolution through 3D printing. The Super Blade is the world's first printed car, weighs only 635 kg and reaches 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds, and is equipped with all-wheel drive. It was invented by the San Francisco-based start-up Divergent Microfactories.

In addition, the car, made of aluminum and carbon fiber, surprises with its lightness: they weigh only 635 kg. The first Blade was presented to the public as a concept in 2015. However, the release date and price of the experiment have not yet been determined.

The price? Has to be defined. Or better: 3D-printed.

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