Sophie Neuendorf: Unveiling the Artistic Force Blending Art, Fashion, and Sustainability

Get ready for an exclusive interview with the captivating and multi-talented Sophie: As the Vice President at Artnet, a company founded by her art-savvy father, Hans Neuendorf, Sophie has deep-rooted connections in the art world. But wait, there's more! She's not just a corporate powerhouse - Sophie is part of an extraordinary family of art dealers, artists, and industry experts, making her a true artistic force. With a home base in Madrid, Sophie's jet-setting lifestyle takes her on exciting adventures between the artistic hotspots of Berlin, London, Munich, and New York. This globetrotting wonder woman is always on the move, constantly soaking in inspiration from different cultures and scenes. Stay tuned for our interview with Sophie in L'Officiel Austria magazine, where she will share her extraordinary journey, artistic connections, and how she effortlessly blends the worlds of art, fashion, and sustainability. It's going to be a captivating and enlightening conversation you won't want to miss.

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