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Cartier celebrates the Season and shows us the Power of Love!

While Taylor Swift is currently breaking records with her 15-minute "All too well" movie, Cartier is putting his very own stars in place. And with an important message!
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"A hymn to love" is how Cartier presents its new campaign LOVE TO ALL. And Love is all we need right now! The campaign presents a vision of the Maison, which wants to celebrate the universally timeless feeling and thus aims to ignite the spirit of joy and generosity. And of course, the best match for this is the corresponding sparkling gems.

Filmed between L.A., Paris and Shanghai, LOVE IS ALL is a testament to family, to unity. Especially in a time when social divides are getting deeper and deeper, this is an important statement that does not let us forget the social vein, that which unites people. 

By the way, this message is also spread by a unique cast, ranging from acting stars Monica Bellucci and Lily Collins ("Emily in Paris") to top model Mariacarla Boscono or Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani. Just to mention a few more names: Ella Balinska, Khatia Buniatishvili, Mélanie Laurent, Troye Sivan, Willow Smith, Annabelle Wallis, Jackson Wang and Maisie Williams are also included. 

Directed by British director Charlotte Wales, the campaign shows a particularly spirited side. Musically, the pop tune by Roger Glover and Ronnie James from the 1970s was chosen. "Everybody's got to live together" is the universal message.  

1637071268320289 cartier loveisall melanie portrait1637071268322491 cartier loveisall monica portrait
1637071268223771 cartier loveisall troye portrait1637071268209765 cartier loveisall willow portrait
1637071409133767 cartier loveisall khatia portrait1637071409202340 cartier loveisall maisie portrait
1637071409347489 cartier loveisall mariacarla portrait
1637071422095092 cartier loveisall annabelle portrait1637071422316653 cartier loveisall ella portrait
1637071422119926 cartier loveisall golshifteh portrait1637071422257465 cartier loveisall jackson portrait



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