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La Bella Societa

Nowadays, a trip to Russia as a program point also requires acquaintance with modern Russian cuisine, which is becoming more and more popular internationally and is slowly becoming a gastronomic mainstream.
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Such a carousel of daily rehearsal meals rarely spares any disappointment, as one inevitably falls into tourist traps whose owners and cooks do not have enough skills and organizational ability to serve a delicious, exciting, quality meal every single day want to earn the increased tourist flow simply.

We recommend that you include the restaurant "La Bella Societa" in your gastronomic visit to Moscow. The restaurant is located in the heart of Moscow, only 100 meters from the Kremlin, even on the same floor as one of the most popular and unique Russian cinemas "Moskva". Both belong to the same owner and founder, the World Heritage and hedonist Oleg Krymasov. He is also the creative author of most recipes and can therefore explain why every single dish was included in the restaurant's extensive menu.

Among the guests of the restaurant, who often want to combine a lunch or a dinner with a cinema visit, one meets Russian businessmen from the Russian or international Forbes list, Russian celebrities and politicians. Our format can be described as "fine dining" and the restaurant lives up to its high standard of service and quality all the time. Serves traditional and creative Italian dishes that always provide a nice surprise.

The concept of our menu and kitchen are based on several directions:

Traditional Sicilian and Southern Italian cuisine prepared in accordance with all culinary practices and succession, served on handcrafted dishes from a small workshop near Trapani. Thanks to its proximity to the African north, the menu also includes Arancini with spicy lamb and pistachio filling, as well as couscous with red mullet and tabbouleh salad.

Own creations of the restaurant are strongly inspired by the Italian local cuisine. These include pasta Mafaldine with the typical for the Amalfi Coast baked eggplant, peppers, lamb, pine nuts and sheep's cheese; or "a tongue in the cheek" : a medallion of the veal tongue center at low temperatures vacuum-cooked for 48 hours along with veal cheek cooked in the Al Barolo sauce with cocoa and juniper berries on chestnut purée.

The influence of French cuisine on the restaurant menu is also unmistakable. French master recipes and sauces such as velouté or hollandaise and dishes from very different regions of France provide a stylish change: duck leg confit, lobster thermidor or mussels cooked in pastis with blue cheese.

In individual dishes, the chef was inspired by a very special gastronomic culture layer, namely the cuisine of the Italians emigrating to New York, as an example of this are Pizza Alfredo with turkey breast strips or "Italian hero" sandwich.


One should not be surprised by menu sections "sandwiches" or "pizza" in a fine upscale dining room: the restaurant also supplies the same floor cinema and therefore offers food that can be enjoyed comfortably in the cinema chair in front of a large screen.

In addition to the food, the interior also contributes to the sophisticated atmosphere of the "Beautiful Company" . At this point, the solution seems less Italian: a panoramic roof, a six-meter-long wall made of real plants, interrupted by three waterfalls made of brass plates, furniture made of marble and lighted onyx, a huge aquarium with live marine animals; Tangerine trees and copper! Sicilian crockery, fine cutlery and serving plates made from olive wood are perfectly suited to this atmospheric setting. The pleasant soundscape comes not only from the waterfall: in the evening, classical pieces are also played on the piano.

La Bella Societa is also known for its masterfully selected wine list and a unique wine room with over 300 types of wine: a worthy representative of the Great Bordeaux Vertical, Magnum wines of the Super-Tuscany and the best wines of California. Our sommelier has a "wine paring card" coordinated with the founder and owner, which guarantees you the best possible choice of a suitable wine for the selected dish: the rabbit with Marsala morel sauce or the kid baked in a wood-burning oven with artichokes.

In addition to the unique wine list, "La Bella Societa" is characterized by the unique selection of French cider. First and foremost, these are CRU cider from Brittany and Normandy, unfiltered traditional brood and dry rosé cider with pear and elderberry.

The restaurant has been awarded several times in Russian directories, competitions and festivals.

These awards are Russian equivalent of Michelin stars. And although Michelin is not planning to include Russia in its area of ​​operations and ratings at the moment, Gault & Millau plans to launch the first guide to Russian restaurants next year.

We are sure that "La Bella Societa" will find a worthy place in it!

Moscow. Street Okhotny Ryad house 2nd 4th floor.

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