3 most important criteria when choosing the most stylish summer handbag

This time, our hand search criteria are color, size and material.
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The most stylish choice for this sunny summer is white handbags. This will give the image a modern touch (especially if you choose a tighter silhouette handbag), will harmonize the combinations of different patterns, and will fit perfectly in a monochrome dress. Minimalist white handbags - a versatile option for everyday accessories that suit different styles of clothing, from sport to romance. If you are afraid of a sterile white shade, choose softer or warmer: whitish milk, creamy, barely pinked or greyish-like lime.


2. Material

We recommend that you pay attention to braided handbags to make it easy to combine with fluffy dresses and summer silk nightwear costumes. They are the favorites of this season. You can choose from large wicker baskets or small wicker handbags or handbags for combined materials, such as leather baskets on a braided bottom. You will find not only casual wicker handbags, but also decorations for the evening.


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3. Size

For those who are going to stay in town in the summer, we offer a mini handbag - playful and comfortable. These handbags are especially suitable for parties when they want their hands to remain free, and the handbag does not interfere with freedom of movement. Fashionable both hanging across the body and covering the belt around the waist. When looking for a more luxurious mini-size handbag, pay attention to shiny metal details, embroidery or beading.


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