We certainly know what to put on our Christmas wish list this year

The Italian luxury brand Fendi recently introduced its new collection ROMA Holiday and we love it.
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As the end of the year approaches, some people still feel like being on vacation. We begin to look forward to the Christmas season. At the top of the wish list this year is probably the get-together with our loved ones. And even though this year's holidays may look a little more subdued than the past ones, that's no reason not to give your closets a touch of luxurious cheerfulness.

Inspiration for great gifts and a vacation mood, pronto, is brought to you by Fendi's new collection, "FENDI" Roma Holiday, dedicated to the most beautiful time of the year.


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The Italian house with its decadent collection already counts down to the most beautiful time of the year

Glamorous, cozy and sporty. The iconic "FENDI" Roma logo becomes the protagonist of the collection, which includes women's and men's ready-to-wear pieces and accessories.

1607074681536665 22 fendi roma capsule collection additional images
Mini bags, necklaces and earrings with FF logo create a very special party atmosphere

An interesting interplay of striking colors like the iconic "FENDI" yellow or a delicate powder pink with coarse knit and fine silk characterize the Holiday collection. Comfortable knitwear combined with feminine skirts, a classic satin tracksuit and urban, minimalist styles for men lend sophistication to the Holiday Collection. 


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No matter what kind of style you prefer, the Fendi Roma Holiday collection has something for you

A wide range of exquisite styles inspired by the ever-charming party atmosphere of New York's nightlife mecca Studio 54, but which work just as well (or even better) at home parties.

Consider this an invitation to spend the vacation season with a calm, relaxed mind. And what fits better than cozy shearling slippers?

1607076140643197 32 fendi roma capsule collection additional images
Iconic accessories are also available in this collection

Fendi Special Shooting:

Photographer: Venetia Scott

Styling: Chaos


Stella Jones

Sonny Hall

Selena Forrest

Maggie Chen

Jie Zheng



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