Discovering Vikele Studio

It's time to meet the Vikele Studio brand. It's a story about creativity, love, and some very amazing bags!
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Vikele Studio (@vikelestudio) is a Ukrainian fashion brand of exquisite accessories, founded in 2017. "A touch of beauty and comfort with amazing energy", -  this is how clients describe Vikele Studio bags.  

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Viktoriia Klymenko, the creative director of the brand, uses natural colors, expressive textures, and concise designs. The brand's assortment range includes spacious models of bags for living in a big city as well as small handbags and clutches for parties. No matter what size, the bags simply stun with their stylish appearance and comfort.

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"Whatever you do - do it in the best way, because that is the thing that you will leave after yourself on the Earth", - Viktoriia Klymenko describes her relation to the creation of each bag through the words of her teacher at art school.  
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"My inspiration is the intelligent, sincere, free-spirited people around me and any manifestation of freedom and life on our planet. These are the bags we create - a modern classic with respect to life and the spirit of freedom," - Viktoriia Klymenko, Creative Director of Vikele Studio brand.

That's why Vikele Studio bags always include mandatory original details, such as feathers added to croco-effect leather or unusual materials for classic forms or other bright elements. Each Vikele Studio bag is unique since it is created by hand by the brand's masters at a small manufactory in Kyiv and the oldest manufactory in Milan. 

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Stylish shots with Vikele Studio bags can be seen on the Instagram accounts of famous women and style icons, among which May Musk, Toni Garn, Alla Kostromichova, Kayleigh Li, Praya Lundberg, Frida Aasen, Mariia Zubtsova, IIenia Toma, and other fashion influencers from France, Italy, Denmark, and the USA are included. The bags have also made their appearance on the pages of Vogue, ELLE, L’Officiel, and Harper’s Bazaar. Additionally, Vikele Studio brand is represented in Paris, Brussels, UAE, and New York,

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