Versatile summer outfit: 5 options for wearing a silk dress

It is enough to have only one such dress in the wardrobe, it is with him that you can create images that will look especially every time.
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No. 1: with sneakers

A midi-length dress is excellent to wear with sneakers, especially this option is relevant for the metropolis: quickly reach the meeting point, but at the same time look elegant? Maybe! You can complement the combination with jewelry, for example, a bracelet on the leg. You can also wear sportier bags and backpacks.

No. 2: with shoes

Wearing a straight dress with shoes with a small heel, you get a romantic and delicate outfit, which is great to go on a date to a restaurant in the evening. And if you add jewelry and a small sophisticated handbag, you get an elegant minimalist look.

No. 3: With a sweater

And if it gets colder outside, we suggest putting a warm sweater on top of a silk dress, it will warm and give unusualness. It is not necessary to choose a sweater of the same shade: the dress can be cream, but the sweater can be red. And if you want to emphasize the figure, then use the strap. With this combination, you can also pick up both sneakers or massive sneakers, and shoes.

No. 4: With a jacket

Another no less interesting way is to wear a dress with a jacket. He will bring notes of rigor, while remaining in a gentle manner, and it will also be possible to achieve a more office option.

No. 5: With massive jewelry

With a minimalistic silk dress, you can safely combine jewelry, focusing on them. Pick up as many bracelets, a massive necklace and large earrings as possible. Also, if the dress is in a new shade, then the accessories can be bright, rich colors!


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