Timeless classics with a high coolness factor made in Austria

The perfect fit paired with highest quality. The Horst Sitte embroidery factory creates eye-catchers that never go out of fashion with a great love of detail and skilful handwork, made from the finest Italian thread in the middle of the Weinviertel in Lower Austria.
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Nothing is left to chance in the production of the stylish knitwear - only the highest quality raw materials are used, such as self-knitted and milled fabrics made from 100% merino wool, 100% cashmere from the finest viscose. A special passion is put into the elaborate fulling process, which is used for the coat made of merino wool. Thanks to the unique technique, a unique structure, fit and an incomparable feeling of well-being is achieved.

Casual chic for every occasion - the ten popular essentials are available in six different colours. In addition, the talented designer uses her creative flair to create two collections a year for upcoming trends. 

"Our aim is to dress women in such a way that the right outfit is quickly at hand for different occasions and the feel-good factor is not neglected. Our fashion is very versatile and should be uncomplicated. That is the most important thing to me. Our bestseller Jenny, an oversized merino whale coat, a simple white shirt, a cashmere sweater over it and your favorite jeans with it - and you're ready for the day", says owner Franziska Schilcher

The family business was founded in 1985 by Horst and Brigitte Sitte in Wolfpassing in the Weinviertel region of Germany and has been producing trendy and timeless women's knitwear made of cashmere, merino wool and the finest viscose with high-quality Italian yarns ever since. From the idea, the design, the knitting, to the fulling, cutting and sewing, all pieces are handmade in our own manufactory thanks to years of know-how and attention to detail. An optimal fit, the right eye for trends and high quality are the main focus of designer and owner Franziska Schilcher. The Casual Chic pieces are available online on the Horst Sitte homepage as well as in the Weinviertler showroom. In addition, you can also find your ultimate favourite piece in selected boutiques and exclusive department stores throughout Austria and Switzerland. A distribution network in southern Germany is also being planned.


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