The Arrival of Light: Ashi Studio FW 20/21 Couture Collection

When the future is questionable and unknown, creative compositions become a place of true inspiration and discovery, thus making dark thoughts vanish away, leaving only light, purity, and positivity as the founding base of the new Ashi Studio FW 20/21 Couture Collection.
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Launched in 2007 in Lebanon's busy capital, Beirut, by the talented designer Mohammed Ashi, the Ashi Studio focuses on exquisite luxurious fashion. We can see it as a balanced equilibrium between refined wearable art and delicate couture. But today, we focus on the second possibility.  

The newest FW 20/21 Couture Collection strives to garner praise in timeless and contemporary elegance, through the marvellous designs, only found in the deepest roots of imagination. The sharp-cut shapes and intricate details delicately intertwine strict formality with grace all in one go, in such a way evolving a classic modernization for the most fantastic codes of fashion. It can be best described as a very complicated simplicity, as the neutral colour palette with different shades of white set the tone of the collection.

The intricate combination of materials with various textures expertly placed side by side skillfully plays an inducing game with the dress's fluctuating varying lengths. The rough edges and the soft curves naturally fulfil one another as it has always been meant to be. However, let us not forget the beauty behind the very carefully designed and prolonged jumpsuit with a voluminous top, which openly states sophisticated perfection. 

In its dreamy gleaming rays, the Ashi Studio FW 20/21 Couture Collection is the fresh gleam of light that we have all long-awaited. Whether you go for a pure white formality or a sleek black décolleté dress, a promise of power will radiate from you, while simultaneously casting an immense mysterious aura of secrecy and desire. 


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