The 2000s have returned: Paris Hilton's favorite sunglasses is #musthave now

21st Century beginnings have brought many trends that fashion is rediscovering today.
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This time, 2000s style sunglasses are returning to the fashion world, having been a favorite of party lions like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, singer Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera or superstar Britney Spears for several years. Not long ago, these glasses were called tasteless, but today they are once again shooting high. What led to their return? Certainly celebrities who have turned their backs on the new vintage trend, inspired by the styling that prevailed about 20 years ago.

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What is typical of 2000s style glasses? Transparent (often lightening or darkening) colored glass, crystal and glitter decoration, metallic fashion house logos, frameless or ultra-thin metal frame, solid glass, and a peculiarly sweet image. The most popular lenses of that time were brown, pink, purple and blue.


Inspired by the style of the 2000s, the details of the eyewear models introduced this year, of course, echo those of its predecessor, from decor to color. In their latest collections, not only Versace, Cartier or Miu Miu offer similar sunglasses, but also Rihanna's recently launched luxury fashion house Fenty .


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