Sustainability Or Style? Eco-friendly Cashmere Brand GOBI Proves You Can Have Both

Cashmere - prized as the ‘diamond of fibers’ and coveted for its rare super-soft purity, is now gaining popularity beyond the luxury niche. Following the same upward spike, sustainability is climbing high on consumers' wish lists, with traceability also becoming an essential factor in our purchasing decisions. With much of the fashion industry coming under environmental scrutiny, the purpose-led trailblazers are rising to the fore, showing us that there is another way. Proving that not only is sustainable style possible, but it’s also a preference. Working in harmony with nature not only means a kinder impact on our planet but a better quality product too. And that choosing environmentally-conscious cashmere is one way we can vote with our wallets for a kinder closet and a more protected world.

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