Summer Essentials: Linen

Whether you are relaxing at home at the weekend or spending time in nature, this selection of exquisite COS brand linen pieces offers you just the right look for this season.
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Anyone who has ever wrapped themselves in fine linen garments in the great heat, for example on their last trip through India, knows the effect that natural fibres have on you. The fabric appears cool on the skin, is breathable and absorbs moisture optimally. But the most beautiful thing about it is that you immediately feel transported back, like on a journey on the Orient Express, which took you from Paris to Constantinople in a leisurely and dignified manner.

But back home, the airy pieces have always had a slight eco-image. Thanks to international designers, linen is celebrating a great comeback and it is impossible to imagine perfect summer wardrobe without it. 


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Summer dresses, caftans or even a noble ensemble for the office create a high-quality overall look. The London-based fashion brand COS focuses on timeless and functional classics and includes a selection of casual designs and looks made of the pleasant, hard-wearing material.
If you're still worried about wrinkles: like all of them, they will be worn with dignity this season.

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Selected parts of the COS SS20 collection are now available online:


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