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Enhance your home office look with Nanushka's Spring Summer Collection Faded by the sun
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©Lena C. Emery

For more than a decade Sandra Sandor has been quietly building her brand at home in Budapest.
Nanushka is inspired by a spiritual journey through cultures and eras where East meets West and functionality is combined with flair. The label presents modern and versatile designs - for daytime and evening use. The aim is always to emphasize the natural beauty of women.


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1586084449854815 nanushka ss20 look02  lena c. emery72
“I really think that good design has to be functional as well. The clothes I wear most are the ones I feel really easy in.”

Nanushka's spring-summer 2020 women's collection commemorates a nostalgic manifestation of the memories of summertime. Tribal elements are blended with Riviera-inspired styles; flowing shapes and bordered accents merge into a warmer wardrobe for the modern woman. "Faded By The Sun" focuses on summery silhouettes and natural colouring to create a rich collective of draped garments mixed with Mediterranean elements in homage to Loulou de la Falaise's summer 1972 in Patmos. Where Loulou was, there was life, lightness, beauty.

1586086452443032 nanushka ss20 look19  lena c. emery721586086528518267 nanushka ss20 look20  lena c. emery72
1586086614330191 nanushka ss20 look21  lena c. emery72

With different eras of culture and tradition being explored, classic tailoring is displayed in column silhouettes in a fitted and flowy way for a breezy feel. An antique greek aesthetic is channeled by draping, layering and tieing, all built within one piece of fabric. Volumes of clothes are featured in extra-large proportions that revisit masculine dressing styles while a modern take on RoaringTwenties winded silhouettes and necklines make a comeback.


Photographer: ©Lena C. Emery



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