Revival of knit and lace trend

Openwork lace returns from the attic to the summer sun-flooded cities and beaches.
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Sevro's porcelain, Louis XVI's armchairs, knit fabrics printed with fragments of French people's life ... The trends of those days are coming back with the grandmother's dowry box, which this year's fashion designers picked out crocheted napkins and boreholes, and the younger generation seems to be very fascinated.


Similar lace is noticed in the fashion collections of JW Anderson, Gypsy Sport, Alexander McQueen, Jil Sander and Chloé in the spring and summer 2019 collections. This time Chloé, with creative director Natacha Ramsay-Levi, used the experience of two French crochet leaders, Calais and Chanty. The New Age Ariadne, who knew not to knit with special needles, since the 19th century. he knew that he could use a less thick thread when he was looking for a crochet hook. In the summer collections, this technique was used for Brigitte Bardot dresses with fringes or much more brutal Jil Sander models in the seventies.

Trends bring the grandmother's dowry box, from which this season fashion designers picked crocheted napkins and pins.

JW Anderson and Gypsy Sport lace really resemble table cloths that shoulder or chest, but they have a contrasting escort - from leather rocker scarves to rough sports shoes. So, wherever you spend your summer days working or relaxing, crocheted dresses, skirts, blouses, swimwear or jerseys are worthy of your attention.

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